Thursday, March 27, 2014

Up close & Personal

For Up close and personal project it took time for me to think about ideas.First of all I did my thumbnails. To draw air balloon was pretty easy. And that is the reason I decided to do Air balloon. I all ready had an idea for my final but after starting my project i felt i was not so confident. The medium i used to do this project was colored pencils. I think colored pencils are fun and easy. I did not chose charcoal because sometimes if you put to much color it can spoil whole work. To show the contrast I have used bright colors.For some areas which needed to be either darkened or lightened. In the end it ended up looking better.I enjoyed what i was drawing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Candy, Can ,Lollipop

For the candy i have used Chalk Pastels. Chalk Pastels are challenging to use because it is easily smeared. In chalk pastels to need to blend the chalk properly otherwise it wont show the effect of drawing.

For the can i have used oil pastels.In oil pastels you can blend the colors easily. According to me i don't think that my blending was good because there are still some parts in can which is not properly blended. The oil pastels were little bit easier.

This is my lollipop drawing created by colored pencils. In this technique colors are not easily blend. I was comfortable to work with colored pencils. For my final i have used colored pencils because it is easy and fun.

Over all i enjoyed doing all the techniques. And its something new that i have learned.